Preformed Thermoplastic Letters and Preformed Thermoplastic Numbers

To ensure versatility across major roads and car parks, our preformed thermoplastic numbers and preformed thermoplastic letters are available in a range of sizes. Starting from compact 100mm preformed lettering, they extend up to 2800mm in height. It's important to note that as the preformed thermoplastic numbers and letters increase in size, they undergo stretching to enhance readability from greater distances. We use the official font outlined by the Department of Transport, which provides clear and visible markings for various applications, from large highways to compact car parks.

Our cutting-edge thermoplastic signs and symbols offer simple application, and can be installed using the same heat application method as any of our thermoplastic line markings. Pre-cut, preformed markings are perfect for any of the more intricate road sign designs, including disabled parking symbols, parent and child parking markings, as well as various numbers, letters and words