Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thermoplastic Line Marking?

Thermoplastic line marking is a durable and long-lasting method used for creating clear and visible markings on roads, car parks, and various other surfaces, including warehouses and industrial settings. 

It involves applying heat to thermoplastic material, causing it to melt and adhere securely to the surface. It is made up of pigment, glass beading, as well as fillers and binders.

Thermoplastic line marking materials can vary; from hot applied thermoplastic which is typically applied in liquid form, to cold, performed thermoplastic markings that are cut to shape (in this case line markings) before applying heat to install. Thermmark manufactures all preformed markings in-house, so all you need to do is use a gas torch to ‘burn in’ the marking on site. The nature of the material means it does well on road surfaces, especially tarmac and asphalt. 

Compared to alternatives, preformed thermoplastic line markings result in crisp, sharp lines that withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. Thermoplastic is preferred for its durability, quick application process, and high visibility, making it an ideal choice for enhancing safety and organisation in traffic management and parking facilities.

Preformed thermoplastic line marking is a cutting-edge solution for creating durable and highly visible markings on road surfaces, car parks, and pavements. Unlike traditional line marking methods that involve painting, preformed thermoplastic comes in pre-cut shapes and designs, ready for quick and easy installation.

A few of the benefits of preformed thermoplastic line markings are:

  • Durability: Preformed thermoplastic is made from high-quality materials that are designed to be durable, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-traffic areas.
  • Simple Installation: With pre-cut shapes and designs that are supplied in ‘one layer’, installation is fast and efficient, reducing downtime and disruptions to traffic flow, whilst speeding up your projects, saving time and money.
  • High Visibility: Thermmark’s range of vibrant colours and reflective properties of preformed thermoplastic make our markings highly visible, enhancing safety for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Weather Resistance: Our preformed thermoplastic is formulated to be resistant to weather elements such as rain, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations, maintaining its vibrancy over time. Thermmark’s material has been tested and used in everywhere from rainy climates to hot desert climates. 
  • Low Maintenance: Once installed, preformed thermoplastic line markings require minimal maintenance, saving time and resources compared to regular repainting. 
  • Versatility: We don’t just do preformed lines! Preformed thermoplastic can be customised to include various symbols, letters, and shapes, allowing for versatile applications in different settings, in a large range of RAL colours. Get in touch for more info.

In summary, preformed thermoplastic line marking offers unmatched durability, visibility, and efficiency, making it the preferred choice for enhancing safety and organisation on roads and parking areas.

Preformed thermoplastic lines are designed to adhere to the road surface through the application of heat. To aid in adhesion over the long term - especially on older tarmac surfaces and concrete surfaces - we would always recommend using primer to help the thermoplastic lines bond to the road surface.

Once heated, the thermoplastic material melts and bonds securely with the road, creating a durable and long-lasting marking. This simplifies the installation process and ensures that the markings remain firmly in place, even under heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.