Preformed Thermoplastic Triangular Road Signs

Some of the more distinctive signs on the road, these red triangle signs serve as a vital warning to road users of potential hazards ahead. Placed strategically in advance of potential obstructions or hazards, these signs alert drivers to slow down, exercise caution, and prepare for possible dangers ahead.

In compliance with regulations, warning triangle signs must be visible from a distance to effectively communicate impending dangers. The highly visible design ensures that they catch the attention of motorists - and our reflective beading designed for road markings will ensure that they are visible even in low-light conditions or bad weather.

Our cutting-edge thermoplastic signs and symbols offer simple application, and can be installed using the same heat application method as any of our thermoplastic line markings. Pre-cut, preformed markings are perfect for any of the more intricate road sign designs, including disabled parking symbols, parent and child parking markings, as well as various numbers, letters and words